Rick Bedrosian’s late-innings rally gathers steam

Posted by rladouceur

From Hudson Valley Epicurean

Rick Bedrosian in Hudson Valley EpicureanAmong the multitudes who have carved out an existence in the arts over the years are a rare few who have successfully avoided ever having to toil at a regular job. Even rarer are those who have played a long game: planting and cultivating multiple seedbeds in the hopes that one or more of them will yield a bumper crop of success … the sort of success that garners awards, recognition and a cushy retirement funded by fat residual checks appearing monthly in one’s mailbox. Once in a blue moon, someone is able, through luck and pluck, talent and perseverance, to break through the noise and land a seat at the table. In Rick Bedrosian’s case, that table – for today, at least – is set with fine linen and brimming with plates of delicious ethnic fare from another continent. And he is quite literally eating it up.

We’re catching up over lunch at Le Canard Enchaine on Fair Street in Kingston, a restaurant at which Rick had just dined the evening before and wanted another crack at, presumably to make sure he hadn’t been dreaming.

“Yesterday I got the braised lamb shank over mashed potatoes, and a really nice arugula salad with endive sleeves,” says Rick, preparing to dig in once again. “That salad was fantastic. Really nice flavors and textures and colors. Today I’m gonna get the half duck. I might get a different salad. That’s the thing with these entrees. They have a starch and a protein, but you don’t get any vegetable with it. Like in most French places. Á la carte. I took pictures of everything yesterday, too, so I’m gonna make a post with yesterday’s food and today’s food, and some of the historic buildings I took pictures of. … The lamb is outstanding. Or it had been out standing, anyway. Now it’s just lying around, you know …”

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