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“You have found the perfect blend of musicians to cover all the elements needed for “Hey Jude”! The keyboard player is an integral part of the sound dynamic especially for the “Magical Mystery Tour” segment as “The Beatles” relied more on orchestral backing and effects. I love what he does for your performance! Your harmonies are great and the solo vocals and stage presence captivate the crowd. “Hey Jude” is a “one of a kind” musical experience in the Capital District!”   SC   Altamont, NY

About the Band

Hey Jude, an authentic Beatles tribute band, debuted in July, 2013. The band members are: Tom Raider (John Lennon), Brad Jarvis (Paul McCartney), Rick Bedrosian (George Harrison), Don Ackerman (Ringo Starr) and Rich Coogan (keyboards and percussion). These guys are veterans of countless rock groups. Tom Raider has portrayed Lennon, world-wide, since 2001. Rick Bedrosian is also the leader of the Celtic Music powerhouse, Hair Of The Dog, writer and host of a music/food/travel television series called, “I Could Eat” and a popular solo entertainer.

A Hey Jude concert is first and foremost, a bona fide performance of classic Beatles songs, but it’s also an engaging theatrical experience. The band members dress in a variety of Beatles costumes and bring a wealth of Scouse humor, history and hubris to their stage show. Hey Jude is detail oriented too; from their hair, to their Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Hofner and Epiphone guitars, Vox amps and Ludwig drums, their tailored suits (stitched by renowned Beatles costumer Russ Lease) and imported (from Liverpool) boots.

The band concentrates on the early songs from 1963 and 1964 (tunes like “She Loves You”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “A Hard Day’s Night”) but Hey Jude’s repertoire also includes hits from later albums such as “Help”, “Rubber Soul”,”Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “White Album” and “Abbey Road”. Spending an afternoon or evening with Hey Jude is guaranteed to raise a smile for Beatles’ fans of all ages as well as a nostalgic tear, especially from British Invasion enthusiasts who lived through Beatlemania when it was happening in the 1960’s.