The Beatles Generation Lives On

Hey Jude
Posted by Rick Bedrosian

Hey Jude- UmbrellasEven though The Beatles stopped playing concerts in 1966 and broke up four years later, they continue to influence music and popular culture. Like many baby boomers, I wanted desperately to be a Beatle. Now I am, sort of. Two years ago, a new Beatles tribute band called Hey Jude made their debut. I play George Harrison in Hey Jude and it’s a gas. When I’m not busy rehearsing with HOTD, I’m happily learning Beatles songs in my office and rehearsing them with Hey Jude. We recently added a Sgt. Pepper segment (the show utilizes up to four distinct costumes representing different Beatles eras), refined our stage presentation and began playing theaters. If you love The Beatles, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Hey Jude. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Here’s a link to Hey Jude’s website. We’re also on Facebook.