“I Could Eat” Channel on YouTube

Posted by Rick Bedrosian

As some of you know, I’ve been developing a TV series called, “I Could Eat”. Anthony Bourdain has been a huge influence on me and the show and my sadness on his recent passing is beyond words. I will humbly carry on in his honor.

We recently completed the pilot episode of “I Could Eat”, “Queens”, and edited a 5 minute Sizzle from the pilot. There has been network interest on both coasts but they want to see more and they also want to see grass roots interest.

To that end we have created an, “I Could Eat”, YouTube Channel. There, you can view the half hour Pilot, the Sizzle and other segments of the Pilot, broken down by neighborhoods. Pilot Girl Productions and I will be filming more episodes and uploading them onto YouTube as they become available.

Unfortunately, the URL for the “I Could Eat” YouTube Channel is a jumble of letters, numbers and symbols. As soon as we have over 100 subscribers to the channel, we can get a simple URL which will make it much easier for people to find the show. Also, the more subscribers I have, the more the networks will take note.

I’m asking everyone to please share this post, make the setting on your share “Public”, click on the link, watch “I Could Eat” and hit the “Subscribe” button. Subscribing costs nothing and you won’t be obligated to do anything else. I need your support on this. Thank you. Here’s the link to the “I Could Eat” YouTube Channel: